St Patricks day, in hindsight…..

Now, in case you were wondering (because you have nothing better to to than to wonder about my life, sigh, this blogging thing feels rather self centered) i thought i’d fill you in on how the day went.

It started with a class on sound, not great as far as ‘experts’ go but good to hear about some of the basics. Next, our mission should we choose to accept it was to go and interview people somewhere with background noise issues -> To the pub!

So off we went, with camera and tripod and microphone, and not enough people to lug all the gear around for us 😦 and wove our way through the festively clad punters to find our targets. Whom we interviewed mercilessly on their St Pats celebrations. Done! right?

Wrong. The idea did grow, lets do a pub crawl!? so we dumped the tripod back at base (too hard to lug around, and wobbly shooting just added to the authenticity of our expedition) and off we went in search of green clad people. And green people we did find.

We interviewed punters, and even a barman at the sum total of 10 hotspots around Dunedin. We met some lovely irish dancers and their talented musicians, a ‘normal sized’ leprechaun, a couple of irish vikings, we reminded our viewers to ‘hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and documented the dramatic ‘almost towing’ of a green car – all on our quest to find the meaning of St Patricks day

Some answers were more ‘correct’ than others but it all really come down to drinking with friends! – see, i was right all along 🙂

Having completed our mission we dropped off the gear, lest we drink too much and damage it, and headed in search of food.

And we did eat and find booze, then off to the party, which we found without too much trouble despite my writing down the wrong address (thanks for not hating us, oh kindly confused people at number 65), and where we found many fascinating, wonderful and most importantly GREEN people. There also happened to be a keg of green beer which added another level of ‘student class’ particularly later on when the keg stands did occur.

I did talk to classmates and to randoms and drink cider and green beer, i played a drinking game similar to but not quite like circle of death, Later i lost my glass and dropped one glove in the sink = soggy! A kindly gentleman did feed me glasses of water, most of the party disappeared, we were asked (politely) to leave, i found a mitten, ate some nachos belonging to another random, sold the mitten back to its owner and used the money to pay for our taxi back to town. Later there was loitering in a living room, in the dark, with tortillas, and another taxi home to bed and a few hours of blissful sleeping before class.

All in all rather good, chilling with many great people and nothing to hide (i dont think).

Love and cornflakes



Top of the morning to ya!

Here i be

all decked out in green, i hope i will brighten some days with my excessive green-ness. For today is St Patricks day, and while i’m not Irish, or Catholic, or particularly anti snakes, I get dressed up and celebrate.

Why? you might ask. Well this habit is only a recently acquired one, but to me St Paddys day is all about chilling out with friends and listening to great music (and of course, as some of you will know, i love any excuse to get dressed up)

And today is a day of new people and different traditions

but first to class, with a hot chocolate not a pint

Love and cornflakes


A grand adventure

Recently i moved from one end of the country to the other, well just about, and it was certainly an experience.

I left my old home in the wee small hours, thanking my lovely driving teacher who taught me to back with side mirrors – you might be able to guess why. The rain was fierce, but i arrived in the capital without too many hitches and ‘scenic detours’. Found the right off ramp and made it to the ferry terminal with far too much time to spare.

and then there was the ferry, oh my goodness i have to back into a space!? but all was well, i explained that i couldnt see out the back, and very little out the sides (there was barely room for me in the car) and they directed me like the airport guys, minus the paddles. They seemed surprised that i could back with my wing mirrors, apparently not a particularly girlie quality.

The rest of the trip was farely uneventful, asides from the bigrig that tried to run me over just outside of nelson and the tourist in kaikoura that stood in the middle of the road to take pictures despite my speeding towards him with an inability to brake at short notice (lotsa stuff = good momentum).

I camped with the mad rellies in Horrorata for a break on the way down and tragically had to pass up the offer for farm eggs – there really was no room! then on to the south. mildly bemused to have driven all that way only to get to palmerston again.

Then Dunedin city, and drove for rather a long time after that to find the actual city – the city limits are rediculous!

so, long story short (and it was a rather long story) i made it! and so did all the stuff, which i then had to haul up 2 flights of stairs, but totally worth it for the view

but thats for another day

for now love and cornflakes


What shall i be today?

the great and powerful world of computers has today introduced me to the blog. Just like that i am the proud owner of a blog (does one own a blog, or is there a more appropriate term for use here?)

This shall be the test run, where i shall stumble through the world of blogging to bring you ramblings and accumulated creative bits to interest and inspire, and above all update my brain software to deal with all this crazy.

so what shall i test next? Today i have created a blog, a fairly painless exercise really (although slogging through the terms and conditions was a drag). Any suggestions?

love and cornflakes


Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!